Newest organizations to join the QIC consortium include Vancouver-based AbaQus Computing and the Blusson Quantum Matter Institute

April 3, 2024Quantum Industry Canada (QIC), the national consortium dedicated to advancing the country’s quantum technology sector, is delighted to welcome BC-based firm AbaQus Computing and the University of British Columbia’s Blusson Quantum Matter Institute (Blusson QMI) as the most recent additions to its expanding community. These additions spotlight the vibrant quantum technology capabilities clustered in the Greater Vancouver Area, which has rightfully earned the moniker of Canada’s Quantum Coast due to its concentration of pioneering quantum companies, world-renowned research, development and training  institutions, and a dynamic tech sector.

AbaQus Computing, QIC’s newest member, is at the forefront of integrating quantum computing technologies into the financial services sector. Specializing in leveraging quantum computing for complex computational challenges like risk management, optimization, and pricing strategies, AbaQus partners with leading financial institutions. This collaboration provides financial institutions with access to cutting-edge quantum hardware and cloud platforms, along with comprehensive skills transfer and educational programs to ensure the effective utilization of quantum computing.

UBC’s Blusson Quantum Matter Institute, joining as the first research institute in QIC’s new affiliate program, is advancing  innovation in quantum materials as the enabling building blocks  for emerging quantum technologies. With its state-of-the-art infrastructure and world-class expertise, Blusson QMI has active research collaborations with over 20 different private companies, including several QIC members, and has also spun-off three emerging ventures. As a founding partner of the Quantum Colaboratory, QMI contributes significantly to this national initiative aimed at scaling quantum technologies from lab to market, supporting research and industry efforts across British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec. 

“The inclusion of AbaQus Computing and the Blusson Quantum Matter Institute into our consortium not only enriches our community with their unique expertise and capabilities but also signifies the growing recognition of the Greater Vancouver Area as an important hub for quantum innovation in Canada,” said QIC CEO Lisa Lambert. “The contributions of this region are pivotal in unlocking the vast potential of Canada’s quantum sector, showcasing the Quantum Coast’s continuing role as a catalyst for national and global quantum advancements.”

QIC represents nearly 50 quantum technology and allied organizations among its members and affiliates, underscoring the consortium’s pivotal role in uniting and propelling Canada’s emerging quantum industry forward. 

Quantum sector companies and organizations supporting Canada’s world-renowned quantum ecosystem are invited to explore the benefits of QIC membership and affiliate opportunities and apply to join the national consortium here.

For more information, please contact:

Angela Olano
Quantum Industry Canada


Joining the Quantum Industry Canada consortium is a significant step for AbaQus, as it aligns with our mission to bridge the gap between quantum computing advancements and financial sector needs, fostering an ecosystem where collaboration and innovation lead the way to unlocking new frontiers in finance.

  • David Isaac, AbaQus Computing, Co-founder 

“UBC’s Blusson QMI has established itself as a recognized leader in quantum materials R&D in Canada and internationally. We’re thrilled to join forces with Quantum Industry Canada’s national consortium of companies looking to leverage our expertise and research infrastructure for commercial applications.”

  • Paola Baca, Managing Director, Blusson QMI

About Quantum Industry Canada

Quantum Industry Canada (QIC) is the country’s national consortium, uniting quantum technology companies and allied organizations to champion the development of Canada’s rapidly emerging quantum sector. With nearly 50 members and affiliates, QIC is dedicated to transforming Canada’s quantum strengths and capabilities into global business success and economic prosperity. Given the quantum industry’s potential to become a $139 billion sector by 2045 — contributing up to 3% of GDP and creating over 200,000 jobs — QIC’s community is fervently working to unlock Canada’s quantum potential, aiming to secure our nation’s leadership and economic success in the global quantum landscape while bolstering national security.

About AbaQus Computing
AbaQus Computing is focused on advancing quantum computing for financial services, enabling financial organizations to explore and deploy quantum solutions for risk management, optimization, and pricing. They provide a comprehensive package including skills transfer, hardware access, and quantum algorithm development, aiming to accelerate quantum readiness within the financial sector. AbaQus utilizes cutting-edge quantum machines and collaborates closely with clients to integrate quantum technologies into their operations effectively. Learn more at https://www.abaqus.dev/ 

About the University of British Columbia’s Blusson Quantum Matter Institute 

UBC’s Blusson Quantum Matter Institute (Blusson QMI) is a world-class R&D centre pushing the boundaries of quantum materials as the enabling building blocks for emerging quantum technologies. The state-of-the-art research and commercialization facilities at Blusson QMI are unique in Canada, with equipment that is accessible only in a handful of other countries. The Advanced Nanofabrication Facility (ANF) is an example of such infrastructure and serves as a premier device manufacturing hub, uniting academia, industry, and government to bolster Canada’s standing in next-generation quantum devices and technologies.

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