Quantum Industry Canada

Quantum Industry Canada (QIC) is Canada’s national consortium of quantum technology companies and allied organizations.

Why Quantum Technologies Matter

"Quantum technologies will impact many critical industries and inspire new business models.

Diverse technologies such as quantum computing, quantum communications, quantum sensing and quantum materials have given rise to new industry players and promising solutions for end users, greater sustainability and new solutions to hitherto unsolved problems. Some of these technologies are already being deployed and others are developing at a rapid rate.

Quantum technology will eventually permeate and impact every key sector of the economy and take us into a period likely to be referred to as the ‘post-quantum era’. This is collectively creating an economic impact and a distinctive economic ecosystem driven by quantum technologies."

Pushing the next frontier of Canada's Quantum Leap

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Canada has BEEN AN Early Quantum Pioneer

Early and strategic investments by both private and public sectors have cultivated a globally recognized, vibrant, and innovative quantum ecosystem in Canada with many strengths spanning across all quantum technology verticals.

Quantum is a rapidly emerging indusTry

The quantum sector has been transitioning from an academic to a commercial setting at a rapidly increasing pace, with Canadian companies setting a number of important global milestones and commercialization designated as a core pillar of Canada’s National Quantum Strategy.

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Quantum Presents a Significant Economic Opportunity

Canada is currently home to the second highest number of quantum SMEs globally. 

The National Research Council of Canada forecasts exponential growth for the Canadian quantum industry. By 2045, it is projected to be a $139 billion industry, including all economic effects, and create over 220,000 jobs, contributing to over 3% to the nation’s GDP. 

Typically, Canada has captured 4% of the global market share in technology trades. However, with sustained leadership in quantum technologies through to 2045, Canada could potentially double its global market share to 8%.


QIC’s mission is to translate the country’s quantum capabilities and strengths into business success and economic prosperity.


At the forefront of the quantum leap, QIC connects nearly 60 of the leading quantum entities and supportive organizations across the country.

Get to know our community and see how together, we’re leading the quantum charge.

Meet our community



Assist Canada’s quantum industry in achieving global commercial success, facilitating access to key resources and opportunities, in addition to addressing gaps and blockers


Develop early global commercial pathways for our members, expanding the ecosystem through networks and strategic partnerships

Promote & Inform

Showcase Canada's quantum capabilities and growth opportunities to global stakeholders, attracting investment, talent, customers, and entrepreneurs


Quantum Industry Canada welcomes Open Quantum Design, Phantom Photonics, IonQ, and Keysight Technologies as new members

QUANTUM INDUSTRY CANADA WELCOMES 4 NEW ADDITIONS with ties to waterloo region’s quantum valley

Quantum Industry Canada (QIC), the national consortium dedicated to advancing the country’s quantum technology sector, is pleased to welcome four new companies with deep ties to Waterloo, Ontario’s renowned quantum ecosystem. Known as Quantum Valley and home to the globally recognized Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) at the University of Waterloo and the independent Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics (PI), Waterloo Region has been a pioneering force in foundational and applied quantum information science research and technology commercialization for over two decades.

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Quantum Industry Canada’s Submission for the Second Phase of the Government of Canada’s Consultations on the SR&ED Program

On May 27, 2024, Quantum Industry Canada (QIC) filed a submission to Finance Canada for the second phase of the consultations on the (Scientific Research and Experimental Development) SR&ED program.

Given the significance of the SR&ED program to our emerging industry, these consultations are crucial for ensuring the program effectively supports the innovation and growth necessary for Canada’s global leadership in quantum technologies. We appreciate the Government of Canada’s commitment to engaging with stakeholders and providing us the opportunity to offer further input through this second phase of consultations.

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NEW ADDITIONS INCLUDE ALBERTA CREATE CENTRE, QUANTUM SILICON & QUBO CONSULTING, SHOWCASING THE BREADTH OF ALBERTA’S QUANTUM CAPABILITIES May 14, 2024 — Quantum Industry Canada (QIC), the national consortium dedicated to advancing Canada’s quantum technology sector, is pleased to announce the expansion of its network once again with the addition of three organizations from Alberta’s growing

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