Quantum Industry Canada (QIC), the national consortium dedicated to advancing the country’s quantum technology sector, proudly announces the addition of Nord Quantique, OZ Optics, and Quantum Valley Ideas Lab  (QVIL) to its membership. This expansion highlights QIC’s crucial role in fostering a supportive and collaborative environment vital for the growth and success of Canada’s quantum sector, which boasts the second-highest number of quantum SMEs globally. 

The diversity of QIC’s newest members — a key player in the development of fault-tolerant quantum computers, an enabling technology manufacturer, and a quantum technology research and development organization — illustrates the comprehensive strength and capabilities of Canada’s quantum industry:

  • Nord Quantique, based in Sherbrooke, Quebec, is developing superconducting quantum computers with the redundancies necessary for quantum error correction built directly into individual qubits. This breakthrough approach eliminates the need for a large overhead of physical qubits, potentially making the path to fault-tolerant quantum computers far shorter for this innovative startup.
  • OZ Optics, headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, stands as a global leader in the fiber optics industry. Their expertise in designing, manufacturing, and distributing an extensive array of fiber optic products, test equipment, and sensors plays an important role in supporting the development of quantum technologies.
  •  Quantum Valley Ideas Lab (QVIL), based in Waterloo, Ontario, operates as an independent, not-for-profit applied research lab dedicated to fast-tracking the commercialization of quantum technologies. Their work underscores the deep research and industry experience needed to bring quantum innovations from the lab to the marketplace.

“The addition of Nord Quantique, OZ Optics, and the Quantum Valley Ideas Lab to QIC is a clear signal of the momentum within Canada’s quantum industry,” said Lisa Lambert, QIC’s CEO. “Their diverse expertise and cutting-edge approaches are invaluable as we work together to propel the commercialization of quantum technologies, driving economic prosperity and advancing Canada’s position as a global leader in this critical sector.” 

With these latest additions, eleven organizations have joined QIC as members or affiliates since the beginning of the year, signaling intensifying interest in supporting and accelerating the commercialization of this strategic industry. The National Research Council of Canada projects the quantum sector to become a $139 billion industry by 2045, contributing up to 3% of GDP and creating over 200,000 jobs, highlighting the immense opportunity for Canada’s economic growth and leadership in quantum technology. 

QIC now represents nearly 50 quantum technology and allied organizations among its members and affiliates, underscoring the consortium’s pivotal role in uniting and propelling Canada’s quantum industry forward. Quantum sector companies and organizations supporting Canada’s quantum ecosystem are invited to explore the benefits of QIC membership and affiliate opportunities and apply to join the national consortium here.

For more information, please contact:

Angela Olano
Quantum Industry Canada


Nord Quantique joining Quantum Industry Canada is a strategic move towards leveraging the nation’s leadership in quantum technology. By aligning ourselves with a consortium dedicated to transforming Canadian quantum innovations into global business success, we are poised to contribute to and benefit from a sector expected to significantly impact Canada’s GDP and job market. This partnership underscores our commitment to innovation and helps to keep us at the forefront of the quantum industry, offering efficient error correction, fast computational speeds and a clear path to fault tolerant quantum computing.”

  • Julien Camirand Lemyre, CTO and Co-Founder of Nord Quantique

“OZ Optics is thrilled to unite with Quantum Industry Canada, alongside esteemed peers in propelling Canada’s quantum landscape to new heights. This alliance underscores our collective dedication to pioneering quantum technology, ensuring Canada remains a global powerhouse in this transformative field.”

  • Omur Sezerman, CEO and President of OZ Optics

QVIL is excited to join QIC and collaborate with the growing Canadian quantum ecosystem to drive our industry forward and support Canada’s leadership in quantum technology.

  • Nick Werstiuk, CEO, Quantum Valley Ideas Lab

About Quantum Industry Canada
Quantum Industry Canada (QIC) is the country’s national consortium, uniting quantum technology companies and allied organizations to champion the development of Canada’s rapidly emerging quantum sector. With nearly 50 members and affiliates, QIC is dedicated to transforming Canada’s quantum strengths and capabilities into global business success and economic prosperity. Given the quantum industry’s potential to become a $139 billion sector by 2045 — contributing up to 3% of GDP and creating over 200,000 jobs — QIC’s community is fervently working to unlock Canada’s quantum potential, aiming to secure our nation’s leadership and economic success in the global quantum landscape while bolstering national security.

About Nord Quantique 
Founded in 2020 in Sherbrooke, Quebec – Canada’s leading quantum hub, Nord Quantique is committed to overcoming the challenge of quantum error correction, today’s principal barrier to fault-tolerant quantum computing. By addressing the most common types of errors on individual qubits, Nord Quantique is poised to deliver industry-leading error correction with high-speed processing. Few errors combined with fast calculation speeds means the company will be able to deliver useful quantum computing sooner, without having to scale to millions of qubits. This more readily enables reliable operation of useful quantum computers with a wide array of industry applications. 

About OZ Optics
Established in 1985, OZ Optics Limited is a leading worldwide supplier of fiber optic products, test equipment, and sensors. Our fiber optic product lines include: Quantum Light Sources, Components for OE Packaging, Attenuators, Laser-to-Fiber Delivery Components, Polarization Maintaining Components, Test Equipment, Fiber Optic Sensors, High Power Components, and Fiber Optic Components for OCT Applications. 

About the Quantum Valley Ideas Lab
Quantum Valley Ideas Lab (QVIL) is an independent research laboratory in Waterloo, Ontario. They pursue applied research projects and take innovative ideas to commercial ready prototypes, creating the foundation for commercialization via new startup companies. By leveraging breakthroughs in quantum science, they endeavour to create transformative technologies that enable meaningful societal benefits and compelling economic value. Ideas Lab bridges the gap between academic labs and industry to accelerate the research and development of the most promising quantum technologies as the basis for exciting new products and businesses in Canada.

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