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quantum silicon

At QSi we develop the world’s first practical implementation of field controlled computing. QSi devices compute without transistors by rearranging a fixed collection of electrons. This is practical, very fast, and very energy-efficient. Our atomic-scale, ultra-low-power field controlled computing is based on unique single-atom Silicon Quantum Dots. Our devices are orders of magnitude faster than …

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IonQ, Inc. is a leader in quantum computing that delivers high-performance systems capable of solving the world’s largest and most complex commercial and research use cases. IonQ’s current generation quantum computer, IonQ Forte, is the latest in a line of cutting-edge systems, boasting 36 algorithmic qubits. The company’s innovative technology and rapid growth were recognized in …

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Qubic is a quantum hardware startup developing the next generation of advanced microwave remote sensing systems. Our technology can increase accuracy, reliability and actionability of microwave intelligence in critical situations and harsh environments.

qubo consulting corp

Qubo Consulting Corp. is a quantum training and consulting company. We help businesses, non-profits, and government organizations make informed decisions about emerging disruptive technology by training business leaders and the future quantum workforce on quantum technologies (i.e. communication, sensing, computing, memories/repeaters), their implications for various industries, as well as building quantum literacy. We also leverage …

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CREATE (Collaborative Resources for Advanced Technology Experiences) serves academic and industry to enable prototyping, characterizing and building of deep tech solutions. With micro/nano fabrication, materials characterization, AI infrastructure, and machining tools, we work with clients across multiple sectors. Our mission is to empower innovators to build new technologies: big, small, intelligent.


Exaion, a subsidiary of the EDF Group, was co-founded in 2020 by Fatih Balyeli and Laurent Bernou-Mazars, who became respectively its CEO and CTO. Aligned with the Group’s raison d’être, Exaion supports industries in their digital transformation with a responsible and sustainable approach: upgrading old supercomputers, using largely decarbonized electricity, and recovering waste heat. Its …

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Phantom photonics

Phantom Photonics is a Waterloo-based quantum sensing company founded in 2023. We develop quantum LiDAR for civilian and defense applications. LiDAR, which stands for Light Detection and Ranging, is a sensor that uses light to probe its environment and generate a 3D image. Phantom’s proprietary quantum-enhancement allows for stealth, extended range, and is un-jammable. The …

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blusson qmi

UBC’s Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute (Blusson QMI) is a world-class R&D centre pushing the boundaries of quantum materials as the enabling building blocks for emerging quantum technologies. The state-of-the-art research and commercialization facilities at Blusson QMI are unique in Canada, with equipment that is accessible only in a handful of other countries. The Advanced …

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AbaQus Computing is focused on advancing quantum computing for financial services, enabling financial organizations to explore and deploy quantum solutions for risk management, optimization, and pricing. They provide a comprehensive package including skills transfer, hardware access, and quantum algorithm development, aiming to accelerate quantum readiness within the financial sector. AbaQus utilizes cutting-edge quantum machines and …

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keysight technologies

At Keysight (NYSE: KEYS), we inspire and empower innovators to bring world-changing technologies to life. As an S&P 500 company, we’re delivering market-leading design, emulation, and test solutions to help engineers develop and deploy faster, with less risk, throughout the entire product life cycle. We’re a global innovation partner enabling customers in communications, industrial automation, aerospace and …

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