Happy World Quantum Day 2024!

Happy World Quantum Day from the Quantum Industry Canada community!

Today, April 14, marks World Quantum Day, a tribute to the transformative power of quantum science and technology. 

For nearly a century, quantum mechanics has captivated scientists and paved the way for innovations reshaping our world: quantum computers, quantum sensors, quantum communications, post-quantum cryptography, a myriad of quantum enabling technologies and applications, and post-quantum cryptography.

Quantum technology has the potential to revolutionize numerous sectors, including healthcare, logistics, finance, energy, cybersecurity, to name just a few. These technologies offer groundbreaking advancements that extend beyond theoretical research to practical applications that could redefine industries and enhance our everyday lives.

Canada — home to the second highest number of quantum small and medium-sized businesses globally — has been a pioneer in transforming quantum theories into viable solutions, leading the charge in both the development of quantum technologies in addition to the robust cryptographic methods needed to secure our digital infrastructure for the quantum era. 

QIC is proud to be a founding member of the International Council of Quantum Industry Associations (ICQIA), alongside our international partners QED-C, Q-STAR and QuIC,  representing a diverse and dynamic global community of stakeholders. Together, we compiled a short video featuring quantum innovators from Canada (watch for familiar faces!), and around the world. 

Enjoy the following message, brought to you by those working at the forefront of quantum technology. 

From the QIC community: happy World Quantum Day!

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