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QIC’s members are the driving force behind a wide spectrum of quantum technologies. They are not just part of the quantum revolution; they are shaping it. Explore the diverse landscape of our membership, from dynamic start-ups to global companies spanning across key verticals:

  • Quantum Computing: Pioneering both hardware and software breakthroughs.
  • Quantum Communications: Advancing secure and cutting-edge communication methods.
  • Quantum Sensors and Imaging: Redefining precision in measurement and visualization.
  • Quantum-safe Cryptography: Fortifying the future of digital security, today.
  • Applications and Enabling Technologies: Harnessing quantum advancements for real-world applications and developing the foundational technologies that make quantum innovations possible.

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QIC's members

01 Communique

Established in 1992, 01 Communique is always at the forefront of technology. Its latest innovation is on cybersecurity with the development focus on Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC). 01’s patent-protected and NIST-approved PQC algorithms are designed to operate on classical computer systems as we know them today while at the same time secure enough to safeguard against potential cyberattacks from quantum computers.

The Company provides IronCAP™ cryptographic engine to businesses of all sizes, allowing them to easily transform their systems to withstand threats from Quantum Computers. The Company also provides vertical solutions that utilize its own IronCAP cryptographic engine to ensure quantum safety. IronCAP X™ is the world’s first quantum-safe end-to-end email encryption solution. It is designed for ultimate email privacy as well as ensuring senders’ authenticity to eliminate phishing.

01 Communique offers its customers a suite of “Zero-Trust” secure remote access services and products. Our innovations are protected by a number of Patents in various countries. As the world’s work style becomes more remote, 01 continues to provide cost effective and reliable solutions that give businesses and consumers anytime, anywhere remote access to information stored on their desktop computers.

1QBit Information Technologies


1QBit is dedicated to building quantum and quantum-inspired software to solve the world’s most demanding computational challenges. The company’s hardware-agnostic platforms and services enable the development of applications which scale alongside advances in both classical and quantum computing. 1QBit partners with Fortune 500 clients and leading hardware providers to solve intractable industry problems in the areas of optimization, simulation, machine learning and hardware innovation. Headquartered in Vancouver, and with further offices in Waterloo and in Sherbrooke, 1QBit is an interdisciplinary team of over 100 inquisitive technology experts comprising mathematicians, physicists, chemists, software developers, and quantum computing experts who collaboratively develop novel solutions to industry problems, from cutting-edge research through to commercial applications.

Adaptive Finance Technologies


Adaptive Finance Technologies is a Toronto-based fintech pioneer, specializing in quantum-enabled, AI-driven investment management solutions. By leveraging some of the most recent advances in classical and quantum machine learning, we are able to solve some of the problems still persisting in financial markets, in order to gain deeper insights, discover hidden patterns and market anomalies and inefficiencies and to deliver superior results. We develop hybrid models and investment strategies for global markets in equities, derivatives, as well as other traditional and emerging asset classes.



Agnostiq develops software tools that make quantum and high performance computing resources more accessible to enterprises and developers. Along with algorithmic research, Agnostiq is developing Covalent, an open source workflow orchestration platform designed to help users manage and execute tasks on heterogeneous compute resources.


Anyon Systems is a quantum computing company that develops the full hardware stack involved in superconducting quantum computing as well as the software and firmware to operate the quantum computer. With scalability at top of mind every step of the way, every major component of the system is designed and built in-house, including quantum processors, cryogenics and control electronics. Founded in 2014, Anyon Systems was the first Canadian company to develop and commercialize universal superconducting quantum computers. Anyon’s headquarters are located in Montreal, QC and the company also operates an office in Waterloo, ON.

bita quantum ai

Bita Quantum AI is at the forefront of innovation, specializing in the development of room-temperature, high clock speed quantum processors utilizing cutting-edge plasmonic technology embedded in quantum nano materials. They are pioneers in the application of quantum encryption algorithms, employing an approach that seamlessly integrates artificial intelligence to enhance cybersecurity and telecommunications solutions, reflecting their commitment to pushing the boundaries of quantum technologies for real-world impact.


Pool Global Partners


Pool is an early stage deep tech venture investor and an active supporter of companies in quantum and their efforts to commercial this critically important technology. We help with commercialization, financing and scale of Canadian enterprises who are providing critically important elements and solutions in this area and ensure Canada’s leadership and talent base in quantum will be used to build commercial success here in Canada.


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