quantum industry canada welcomes 5 new members in january 2024

New additions include innovative Canadian start-ups based in Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, and a French neutral-atom based quantum computing leader

Quantum Industry Canada (QIC), the national consortium dedicated to advancing Canada’s quantum technology sector, proudly announces the addition of five new members. This diverse group of new members, from burgeoning start-ups to a prominent international player, underscores the consortium’s growing impact in the quantum sector.

The January 2024 inductees into QIC’s membership are:

  • Quantized Technologies Inc.(QTi) — A University of Calgary spin-off, QTi is a quantum communications start-up that is modernizing cybersecurity with technology designed to protect against quantum computer and AI-enabled data decryption.
  • ForeQast — Originating from the Perimeter Institute Quantum Intelligence Lab (PIQuIL) in Waterloo, Ontario, ForeQast is the frontier quantum-enhanced logistics optimization suite, unlocking significant operational cost savings for retailers and logistics firms.
  • yiyaniQ — Another PIQuIL spin-off, yiyaniQ is pioneering in quantum intelligent optimization, merging quantum and AI algorithms to transform portfolio management in finance.
  • Bita Quantum AI — A Montreal-based start-up, Bita Quantum AI is merging quantum technology with artificial intelligence, delivering innovative solutions across computing, cybersecurity, and telecommunications.
  • PASQAL — A global leader in neutral-atom based quantum computing founded by Nobel Prize laureate Dr. Alain Aspect and his colleagues in France. PASQAL established its North American operations in Sherbrooke, Quebec, where it is building a factory to produce state-of-the-art quantum processing devices as part of a $90 million quantum technology initiative over five years.

“The varied capabilities and geographical spread of our newest members highlights QIC’s role in uniting and developing a robust nationwide quantum innovation ecosystem with global impact.” said QIC’s CEO Lisa Lambert. “We look forward to collaborating with these trailblazing companies to support their groundbreaking work and foster a world-leading quantum community in Canada that delivers long-term value creation and prosperity.”

These new members not only enhance QIC’s network but also bolster Canada’s stature as a leading quantum technology hub. Canada boasts a significant number of quantum-focused SMEs, ranking second globally in the number of quantum start-ups, just behind the United States.

A 2020 NRC-commissioned study predicts that by 2045, the Canadian quantum industry could be valued at $139 billion and account for over 209,000 jobs following the widespread adoption of quantum technologies.

Quantum sector companies and organizations supporting the quantum ecosystem are invited to explore QIC membership and affiliate benefits and apply to join the national consortium here.

For more information, please contact:

Angela Olano
Quantum Industry Canada


“QTi envisions a transformation of digital communication through the development and wide-spread adoption of relevant quantum technologies, giving society quantum-based solutions to real-world problems. Canada continues to be a world leader in quantum tech, and the burgeoning quantum ecosystem here is extremely exciting. QIC brings together quantum innovators that hope to change the world through ground-breaking technology development. It is a true pleasure to collaborate with other innovators and with QIC to ensure that Canada leads the way in bringing impactful quantum tech to the global stage.” – Jordan Smith, Co-founder & CEO, Quantized Technologies Inc. 

“We are excited to join QIC. It will help us to be more involved in Canada’s quantum community which in turn contributes to shaping a prosperous quantum ecosystem. – Behnam Javanparast, CEO, yiyaniQ

” Embarking on the quantum frontier, ForeQast proudly aligns with Quantum Industry Canada, a testament to our commitment to pioneering advancements in the real-world application of quantum technology. This strategic alliance not only propels our startup forward but also underscores the intrinsic value of being part of a quantum revolution that calls Canada its home.” – Aida Ahmadzadegan-Shapiro, Founder & CEO, ForeQast 

Our collaboration with QIC catapults us into the heart of Canada’s dynamic innovation landscape, with a particular focus on quantum technology. This strategic partnership not only accelerates our pioneering research in quantum advancements but also harnesses Canada’s abundant talent pool and collaborative ethos, propelling transformative breakthroughs at the forefront of this cutting-edge field.” – Mousa Bahrami, Founder & CEO, Bita Quantum AI

PASQAL is immensely proud to become a member of Quantum Industry Canada (QIC). The Canadian quantum ecosystem is not just thriving; it’s at the forefront of groundbreaking innovation and technological advancements. We believe that QIC plays an integral role in fostering this vibrant community, driving forward momentum towards greater quantum commercialization.”  – Raphaël de Thoury, CEO of PASQAL Canada

About Quantum Industry Canada

QIC is Canada’s national consortium uniting Canada’s quantum technology companies and allied industries to fortify and connect the country’s quantum sector. Dedicated to translating Canadian quantum ingenuity and expertise into business success and economic growth, QIC boasts a diverse membership of over 45 entities. Our members range from vibrant startups to influential global companies, covering a broad spectrum of quantum fields, including computing, communications, sensing, safe cryptography, applications, and enabling technologies. QIC’s members are pioneering some of the world’s most cutting-edge solutions, positioning Canada as a leader of the global quantum technology revolution. Learn more at https://www.quantumindustrycanada.ca/ 

About Quantized Technologies Inc. (QTi)

QTi is developing a disruptive, quantum-based cybersecurity solution to prevent data decryption by threat actors with quantum computational and AI resources. Their solution represents the next generation of quantum-proof communication, and provides the world with unprecedented communication security, practical and cost-effective user network scaling, interoperability with existing commercial solutions, and a streamlined path to certification as the world continues to standardize quantum technologies. Their solution utilizes quantum information and untrusted central nodes to enable secure communication over both classical and quantum networks. To learn more about QTi, visit https://www.quantizedtech.com/ 

About ForeQast

ForeQast has pioneered a quantum-based logistics optimization suite of solutions, unlocking the potential of advanced technology for the most intricate optimization market and setting the stage for a new era of efficiency and innovation in logistics and supply chains. Through the deployment of quantum-inspired and quantum hybrid algorithms, ForeQast delivers highly cost-efficient routing and inventory optimization solutions, redefining the landscape for retailers and logistics firms. Learn more at https://www.foreqast.ai/

About yiyaniQ

yiyaniQ is building a quantum intelligent optimizer for the financial industry, currently addressing the problem of portfolio construction and optimization. The team is at the forefront of quantum intelligence, a field combining AI and Quantum algorithms. Their efforts are focused in commercializing this emerging technology suited to solve complex optimization problems. Learn more at https://www.yiyaniq.com

About Bita Quantum AI

Bita Quantum AI is at the forefront of innovation, specializing in the development of room-temperature, high clock speed quantum processors utilizing cutting-edge plasmonic technology embedded in quantum nano materials. They are pioneers in the application of quantum encryption algorithms, employing an approach that seamlessly integrates artificial intelligence to enhance cybersecurity and telecommunications solutions, reflecting their commitment to pushing the boundaries of quantum technologies for real-world impact. Learn more at https://bitaquantumai.com


PASQAL is a leading French Quantum Computing company that builds quantum processors from ordered neutral atoms in 2D and 3D arrays to bring a practical quantum advantage to its customers and address real-world problems. PASQAL was founded in 2019, out of the Institut d’Optique, by Georges-Olivier Reymond, Christophe Jurczak; Professor Dr. Alain Aspect, Nobel Prize Laureate Physics, 2022; Dr. Antoine Browaeys and Dr. Thierry Lahaye. PASQAL has secured more than €140 million in financing to date. To learn more about PASQAL, visit  www.pasqal.com

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