01 Communique

Established in 1992, 01 Communique is always at the forefront of technology. Its latest innovation is on cybersecurity with the development focus on Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC). 01’s patent-protected and NIST-approved PQC algorithms are designed to operate on classical computer systems as we know them today while at the same time secure enough to safeguard against potential cyberattacks from quantum computers.

The Company provides IronCAP™ cryptographic engine to businesses of all sizes, allowing them to easily transform their systems to withstand threats from Quantum Computers. The Company also provides vertical solutions that utilize its own IronCAP cryptographic engine to ensure quantum safety. IronCAP X™ is the world’s first quantum-safe end-to-end email encryption solution. It is designed for ultimate email privacy as well as ensuring senders’ authenticity to eliminate phishing.

01 Communique offers its customers a suite of “Zero-Trust” secure remote access services and products. Our innovations are protected by a number of Patents in various countries. As the world’s work style becomes more remote, 01 continues to provide cost effective and reliable solutions that give businesses and consumers anytime, anywhere remote access to information stored on their desktop computers.

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