CEW Systems Canada Inc. is a Canadian based encryption company with offices in Saskatoon and Toronto. Founded in 2017, CEW Systems has designed and developed multi-use quantum resilient encryption technology originally for radio-based communication systems, symmetric database encryption, client/server applications, IoT devices, autonomous and remotely piloted vehicles. Our software, called Bi-Symmetric Encryption, has passed a third-party academic peer review by the Saskatchewan Polytechnic Institute. Asymmetric keys are considered vulnerable in that anyone who intercepts an asymmetric key can easily encrypt data with it and pretend to be the intended recipient. Our Bi-Symmetric handshake has been designed to work similarly to an asymmetric handshake while only exchanging quantum resilient non-public symmetric keys, all while being brute force attack, rolljam and man-in-the-middle attack proof. A key feature of our software is that passwords, passcodes and command codes are communicated without being directly transmitted, this includes the ability to process an e-commerce transaction without actually transmitting the credit card data, only an encrypted user ID is sent. Bi-Symmetric Encryption processes handshakes in a fraction of both time and size of data being transmitted when compared to all other published PQ asymmetric handshakes.

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