Quantum Industry Canada (QIC), the national consortium dedicated to advancing the country’s quantum technology sector, is pleased to announce the addition of six new Québec-based members and affiliates to its growing community. These new additions represent a range of organizations across the quantum value chain, emphasizing Québec’s status as a major Canadian and global centre for quantum technology innovation. Notably, DistriQ, the Quantum Innovation Zone of Sherbrooke, and Québec Quantique are the first of Canada’s major regional quantum innovation ecosystem accelerators to join the QIC community.

The Government of Québec has invested significantly in building the province’s quantum technology ecosystem, with strategic investments aiming to enable homegrown quantum innovators to flourish and to attract foreign investment, international companies, and top-tier talent to Québec’s burgeoning quantum sector. 

The following Québec-based organizations are the latest to join QIC’s expanding network:

  • DistriQ, the Quantum Innovation Zone of Sherbrooke and Québec Quantique form a quantum innovation ecosystem accelerator headquartered in Sherbrooke and Montréal that connects and integrates collaborative initiatives among researchers, companies, facilities, and investors in the province of Québec. 
  • Qubic Technologies is a Sherbrooke-based quantum hardware startup developing the next generation of advanced microwave remote sensing systems. 
  • Exaion, a Montréal-based subsidiary of France’s EDF Group, supports the responsible acceleration of data processing, ensuring its security, and facilitating access and control for users.
  • Numana is a macro-accelerator for emerging technologies in Québec and is currently working to deploy and provide access to the Kirq quantum communications testbed.
  • QV Studio is the first canadian startup studio headquartered in Sherbrooke dedicated to creating and de-risking companies working in quantum technologies.

“With a full spectrum of assets and capabilities spanning the entire quantum technology value chain, Québec is uniquely positioned to drive quantum innovation from fundamental concepts to delivering commercial value,” said Lisa Lambert, QIC’s CEO. “Québec’s quantum investments are already making significant strides, and we are excited to collaborate with and support these new additions to the QIC community, as well as quantum innovators across the province, in making a global impact and enhancing prosperity in Canada.” 

Quantum Industry Canada now represents almost 60 quantum technology and allied organizations among its members and affiliates, underscoring the consortium’s pivotal role in uniting and propelling Canada’s quantum industry forward. Quantum sector companies and organizations supporting Canada’s quantum ecosystem are invited to explore the benefits of QIC membership and affiliate opportunities and apply to join the national consortium here.


For more information, please contact:

Angela Olano
Quantum Industry Canada


“Joining Quantum Industry Canada marks a strategic milestone for DistriQ, the Quantum Innovation Zone of Sherbrooke. Through our integration into this influential network, we secure direct engagement with pivotal figures in the quantum technology domain. This partnership fuels our capacity to amplify the value we provide to our ecosystem. Together, our endeavors will propel the development of pioneering solutions, fortifying Québec’s stance in the worldwide quantum landscape.” 
— Martin Enault, CEO, DistriQ, the Quantum Innovation Zone of Sherbrooke

“Joining Quantum Industry Canada represents a pivotal step for Québec Quantique in fostering innovation and collaboration within the national quantum technology ecosystem. This partnership will accelerate our mission to position Québec and Canada as a global leader.”
— Olivier Gagnon-Gordillo, Executive Director, Québec Quantique

“Qubic Technologies has been on an incredible journey to bring advanced microwave remote sensing systems from concept to market. Our addition to Quantum Industry Canada marks a key moment in this journey. The future of quantum technology depends not only on groundbreaking innovations but also on the robust support networks that foster collaboration and growth. Being part of this distinguished community will amplify our efforts and accelerate the practical application of our technologies. Together with QIC and its members, we are poised to push the boundaries of what’s possible and solidify Québec and Canada as beacons of quantum advancement on the global stage.”
— Jérôme Bourassa, CEO, Qubic Technologies

 “Joining Quantum Industry Canada represents a strategic step for Exaion as we align with Canada’s leading quantum technology pioneers. This collaboration allows us to tap into a rich ecosystem of quantum innovation, enhancing our capabilities in hybrid quantum computing. By integrating with QIC, we are actively pushing the frontiers of quantum advancements, helping drive new solutions for sustainability and efficiency that will benefit industries worldwide.”
— Fatih Balyeli, CEO and Co-founder, Exaion

”As the instigator of Canada’s very first open test bed for quantum communication, it was an obvious choice for Numana to join forces with Quantum Industry Canada in order to foster new collaborations around our project and contribute to the development of the industry.’
— Jacques McNeill, Coordinator, Kirq Quantum Communication Test Bed, Numana

“QV Studio is one of the very first venture studios specifically creating and de-risking quantum startups in the world. The initiatives driven by Quantum Industry Canada will help us to be connected to the needs of different industries that will be disrupted by quantum to take strategic decisions and initiate key partnerships.”
— Sarah Jenna, Executive Director, QV Studio

About Quantum Industry Canada
Quantum Industry Canada (QIC) is the country’s national consortium, uniting quantum technology companies and allied organizations to champion the development of Canada’s rapidly emerging quantum sector. With nearly 60 members and affiliates, QIC is dedicated to transforming Canada’s quantum strengths and capabilities into global business success and economic prosperity. Given the Canadian quantum industry’s potential to contribute over 3% of GDP and create over 200,000 jobs by 2045 — the QIC community is fervently working to unlock Canada’s quantum potential, aiming to secure our nation’s leadership and economic success in the global quantum landscape while bolstering national security.

About Distriq
Quantum Innovation Zone and Québec Quantique form a quantum innovation acceleration ecosystem that catalyzes expertise and infrastructure. It connects and integrates collaborative initiatives, enhancing synergy between the various players in Québec’s quantum ecosystem. To find out more, visit https://distriq.com/ and https://quebec-quantique.ca/en/home/

About Qubic Technologies
Qubic Technologies is a quantum hardware startup developing the next generation of advanced microwave remote sensing systems. Our technology can increase accuracy, reliability and actionability of microwave intelligence in critical situations and harsh environments. Learn more at: https://qubictech.co/ 

About Exaion
Exaion, a subsidiary of the EDF Group, was co-founded in 2020 by Fatih Balyeli and Laurent Bernou-Mazars, who became respectively its CEO and CTO. Aligned with the Group’s raison d’être, Exaion supports industries in their digital transformation with a responsible and sustainable approach: upgrading old supercomputers, using largely decarbonized electricity, and recovering waste heat. Its mission revolves around data: accelerating its processing, ensuring its security, and facilitating access and control for users. Its experts develop efficient, innovative and sovereign solutions and services. Exaion Inc., its subsidiary based in Montréal, Québec, Canada, serves the needs of North American stakeholders. For further information: exaion.edf.fr/en

About Numana
At Numana, we’re a catalyst for technological ecosystems. With our partners, we bring innovative people together to create more value for the technology industry and for Québec as a whole. The name Numana is optimistic, technological and people-centered; it’s focused on the future. It epitomizes our desire to develop new technologies for the people of tomorrow. Learn more at https://numana.tech/en/ 

About QV Studio
QV Studio is a startup studio partnering with two venture capital funds (Quantonation and Quantacet) dedicated to quantum technologies. QV Studio’s mission is to create and de-risk university spinoffs developing quantum technologies to transform different markets, including energy, health, sustainability, etc. By joining QV studio, companies gain a team of experienced entrepreneurs, state-of-the-art research and development infrastructure and investors specialized in the quantum field. They increase your business’ chances of success, while growing as an entrepreneur. Learn more at https://www.qventurestudio.com/en

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